Run Your Race

Run your race.

In your shoes.

In your lane.

At your pace.

Who cares how fast they’re running,

What shoes they’ve got on,

What their time is,

Who their coach is?

Who cares who’s in front of you,

Or behind you,

Or just passing you?

Set your pace.

Move your feet.

Who cares what’s around the next bend,

Or what was before the last,

Or how many more you have to go?

Who cares who the world is cheering for,

Who they placed their bets on,

Who they think will win?

Breathe your breath.

Hear your feet.

Feel your heart beat.

Who cares where the next checkpoint is,

Where you’re expected to be,

What mile you should be on?

Who determines should,

Or supposed to,

Or ought to be?

Who cares what that voice in your head says,

How you can’t,

Or won’t,

Or shouldn’t even try?



Run in your lane.

Run in your shoes.

Run at your pace.

Run the race that has been marked out for you.

And run hard.